Moving Out From The Pew:Equipping The Saints For The Work Of Ministry, A Training Manual For Lay Leaders”
“Moving Out From The Pew: Equipping The Saints For The Work Of Ministry, A Training Manual For Lay Leaders”

This is a transformational training manual designed for church leaders of various educational backgrounds. It was specifically designed with the principle in mind to “teach and preach to the whole house”. It is an intense training program that teaches the basic interpretive, homiletic, and public speaking skills necessary to prepare lay leaders and to move them forward in the work of ministry.

The manual is a companion text to the course entitled Accelerated Biblical Studies. The course, taught by Dr. Connie Welch-DuJardin, is taught at Emmanuel Christian Leadership and Training Institute and at churches upon request. The course is divided into 33 sessions, with the length of each session to be determined by the instructor. It contains four major components or modules: 1) biblical interpretation methodology and skills; 2) homiletical skills in drafting and delivering a sermon and/or a Bible study/Sunday school lesson; 3) public speaking skills; and 4) leadership skills. It is recommended that the students keep a journal throughout the entire course to record their thoughts and revelations as they spend time meditating in the Word and in God’s presence. To demonstrate their persuasive public speaking and homiletical skills the students are required to preach a sermon and participate in a controversial debate as well as other group activities and presentations.

The book is available on most online retailers including: Westbow Press (a division of Thomas Nelson), Amazon,, Barnes and Nobles and Walmart.

For speaking engagements and/or to engage Dr. Connie Welch-DuJardin to facilitate a group leadership discussion or Accelerated Biblical Studies class to be held at your church or organizational site, please contact:
Emmanuel Christian Leadership and Training Institute at 941-867-9829.